How to generate more leads using video ?

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How to generate more leads using video ?

How to generate more leads using video
How to generate more leads using video ?

There are two very simple ways: b2b smes are generating more leads and sales using video. So what are these two ways? How do they work for other businesses and how can we use them ourselves? Well, let me start with a question and the question is: firstly: where do we get our best customers from because in b2b that tends to be word of mouth? So why not replicate that word of mouth and then scale it so start off by creating video, testimonials customers on camera, saying wonderful things about our business and what we’ve done for them.

Let’s! Imagine if we just flip it around and we’re, the the prospect. So who do you trust more? Is it the salesperson trying to sell to you or is it a customer who’s already bought the solution? If we imagine, once we’ve got that video that customers saying wonderful things on camera, then we can put on our website to convert more more visitors, turn them into real leads sales.

People can use them in meetings to show what other customers are experiencing and then win more business, and we can even use them on social email marketing campaigns, so so video testimonials are used by lots of different businesses to generate more leads and sales.

Now a second method is again to ask the question: where can we get more leads and customers from now social can be a great place to do that, but it’s painful or can be painful because, firstly, it’s, an extremely Crowded place and getting someone to look and in our direction is difficult and, secondly, social needs.

It needs a lot of content. So if we’re going to be on social for 52 weeks of the year, that’s 52 pieces of content even more, but that’s where video comes in, because creating a ton of videos is really easy.

So, for example, this video – well, i’m just talking to a camera, two minutes, quick, easy. We can create 30 or 40 of these in a day and the type of content that stops the ideal customers and the tracks on social.

Well, that’s, pretty straightforward too sure something funny will do it. If you want to try to be funny 52 weeks of the year, um cat video dog video, something like that – that’s, fine, but the reality.

Is it’s all about what keeps the ideal customer awake at night? What concerns them? Most because what someone stops, someone scrolling through linkedin isn’t a sales message. No one jumps onto linkedin to be sold to.

However, they will stop at a video that addresses their biggest pain in a non-sales way. It gives them a solution to their biggest pain. So so let’s. Let’s. Uh! Imagine um! I don’t, know chief technology officer as an example.

What keeps a chief technology officer up at night? Well, their issue: is they’re, constantly being pushed to do more with less so give them concrete examples, real solutions of how they can do more, with less that show them um real solutions that they can, they can put into place.

Well, that will stop them in their tracks. They’ll. Look at that video and then they’ll want to explore more if you ‘ Ve got more of that type of video on your website, for example, um. Another example is, one of our customers sells says, sells to sales directors.

So what keeps a sales director up at night? Well, it’s, things like underperforming sales, people how to turn those underperformers around or how to get high quality more leads out of marketing. So there are plenty of ways to do this and the best part is this type of video sure it can be used on social, and it will stop the ideal prospect in in their tracks, but even more than that, we can put it in email marketing campaigns.

It’s, the old axiom, stop selling and start helping, so customer testimonials and expertise. Videos are two ways: b2b smes are using video to to generate more leads and more customers, and if you want to see more, please come over to our website and there are a ton more examples on what works.

Alternatively, if you want to talk, please contact me happy to discuss how we can help.

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