4 Ways to Increase Sales and Conversion in Your B2B Services Business

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4 Ways to Increase Sales and Conversion in Your B2B Services Business | B2B Lead Generation in 2021

4 Ways to Increase Sales and Conversion in Your B2B Services Business

Let’s, talk about increasing sales and conversion in your b2b Services . First, a little about me. I run a marketing agency called experiment27, which is a seven figure agency. We do lead generation, we do marketing mainly focused on the b2b.

We also have a b2b software company and an online course called email 10k, which is also focused on b2b sales, and today i want to talk about increasing your sales. If you’re running a b2b services company, an agency – maybe you do mobile app development or you do web development, or maybe you sell lead generation like us.

I want to talk about sales, because if you cannot generate sales, nothing else matters. I know a ton of agency owners that are so good at their craft. Like let’s say they’re coders and they worked with google and they’re, the greatest coder of all time.

That’s. Great, but you can say you’re, a great coder, but if you’re, not able to actually generate sales for your business, you’re gonna end up back at google, you’re, not gonna, Be able to make it as an entrepreneur so that’s.

The main thing i focus on because you guys can go out. You be artisans right practice, your craft get as good at coding as you possibly can. Then you come to someone like me and i help you sell it. So let’s.

Talk about a couple things that you can do right now to increase sales for your b2b services, business, [, Music, ]. This video is brought to you by email. 10K, learn how to book meetings with billion dollar brands and take your company to the next level at email10k.

com. The first thing: if you haven’t done this already, is to create a no-brainer offer. A no-brainer offer is something where somebody hears it and then they have to buy from you because it’s, so good of an offer just for an example.

You could say something like if you’re running a lead, gen company. I will generate eight leads for you. Eight meetings booked on your calendar in the first 30 days and if i don’t get that in the first 30 days i’ll refund your money, that’s, a no-brainer offer, or if you’re Running an app development agency, let’s, wire frame out the apps and if you don’t like them after that process, you can take them to another app dev company.

We can end it there. You need some kind of high value offer that gets them to sign and what a lot of companies don’t realize is their offers. Aren’t that interesting. So, for instance, you might be cold.

Emailing people like we talk about an email 10k and you might have this bullet point list of services. So hey i’m an agency owner. I do ios development, android development web development front end backend.

Do you want any of those that’s, how most agencies approach sales that’s, how they’re doing it? So if you cut that out and you instead come to them – and you say hey, i noticed your website is good. It’s effective.

It could be a lot better, though, based on what i’ve done for acme inc, where we redid their website and boosted their lead flow by 80 80. More leads coming through from the new website. Do you want us to do something similar for you? Let me know if you want to hop on a quick call to discuss you see how different those two pitches are.

One is we do ios development web development, which one do you want and the other one is. I know you want this thing. You know you want this thing. We’re qualified to deliver it. Do you want to talk about it more? That’s, the difference between a focused no-brainer offer and what everyone else is doing last thing about the no-brainer offer before we move to the next point: is you want them to have as little risk as possible to the point where you might even Want to refund them if, at the end of the no-brainer offer they aren’t satisfied so, for instance, the eight meetings on the calendar and if they don’t like it, you refund the free wireframing process.

It is important, though you want to get the money up front before you do any work, so let them pay you the nine thousand dollars ten thousand dollars a hundred dollars. Whatever you’re charging and then refund it versus having to do all the work and then getting paid, because you never want to get in a situation where you’ve done a bunch of work and then the client isn’t going to pay you, and if you have the money in your bank account already it’s almost impossible to get in that situation.

So you can increase sales in two ways. You can either improve the top of the funnel. So more leads coming in the top or better leads coming in the top or you can improve conversion rate at the bottom of the funnel, and i’m about to talk about both of these.

So let’s. Talk about them! First, one is improve the top of the funnel. That means getting more or better leads coming into your website or your lead, gen form or whatever. It is most agencies work by having their normal website up with a contact us button.

Then you fill out the contact form and then you get in touch with somebody from the sales team. So let’s. Work on that assumption here, because we’re b2b services right, let’s. Talk about what most b2b services businesses are doing.

So let’s. Talk about quantity! First, you want more leads at the top of the funnel. The easiest way to do this is either seo or paid traffic seo being content marketing. So you’re, making youtube videos, you’re, making blog posts, like you, see, content like this, that we’re making.

This generates a ton of leads for us another way to generate a crazy amount of leads, is by using cold email, so making a list of relevant people that you want to work with: emailing them pitching them and that actually increases both quality and quantity.

Because you’re only talking to people that would potentially buy from you and are your golden geese companies, the ones you want to work with, and actually this is the process we talked about in email 10k.

If you want to check that out, and there’s, a ton of stuff, you can do for quantity. The most effective thing i’ve found is long-term content marketing strategies so making youtube video after youtube.

Video after youtube video for years seo also works blog post after blog post for years. The quickest way to do it is via paid ads or cold email paid ads. I don’t like recommending, though, because you might need 10 or 20 grand to figure it out versus cold email.

You can learn on a couple thousand or even free another quick way to do this, and we showed this in another. Video is doing podcast interviews, so you go on other people’s, shows and pitch your service to their audience, tell a story, and that generates a ton of leads as well.

I was on a ton of podcasts entrepreneur on fire, like hundreds of podcasts, and i actually made a video about how you can do the same cold, email, scripts and everything are in that video, so that’s more leads the top of the funnel.

You’re, trying to get more traffic in and then you want to increase the quality, so not just the quantity of the traffic you want to increase the quality of the traffic, so better leads at the top of the funnel as well.

The easiest way to find the highest quality leads for the cheapest amount that i’ve found is cold email outreach because you go out there and you set your criteria. You’re like all right. I only want to do web design for companies between 10 million and 150 million dollars in revenue in the united states, and then you make a list of those companies you pitch them the right way.

You learn how to pitch them following the email 10k process, and then those are the only companies you’re talking to so. You know that they’re high quality, that’s. The easiest way that i’ve found there’s, a bunch of other maneuvers that you can do that are more advanced like making sure your content only talks to one specific group or if you’re promoting and you’re, going on podcast, make sure that podcast audience overlaps with the audience that you want.

So there’s, a ton of stuff there, the easiest most direct way and why i recommend this. So much is cold email because it’s. Easiest to master you don’t have to write blog posts. You don’t have to sit down in front of a video camera.

You don’t have to do any of that. Just go out, make a list and pitch so that’s. The first way is getting more people on the site, better higher quality people on the site. Now the other thing you can do is improve the conversion rate on the bottom of the funnel, and the reason why i like this so much is: let’s say you have a website with traffic.

Most of us. If we’re around, if, unless you’re, a new entrepreneur, in which case follow the email, 10k process and start your business, if you are a services business, that’s been around a little bit chances are you have Some traffic coming your website already, and i’ve, seen this with all of our clients.

Basically, if they’ve been around a little while people are coming to their website. So if you have people looking all you have to do if you want to increase sales, is increase your conversion rate, because if let’s say you have a one percent conversion rate.

So 100 people come to your website and one person fills out the contact form, and that is what’s fueling your entire sales team. Then, if you can raise your conversion rate from 1 to 2, all of a sudden you’ve raised all of your leads by double, and thus your sales have increased by double over a period of time, so that’s.

Why? I really actually like focusing on the conversion rate. More especially if you’re more established and it’s, not just conversion rate to lead form it’s. Conversion rate on your sales calls as well.

We did a discovery. Video where i went through the actual discovery questions to ask, because if you’re asking the right questions, you’re, taking them through the process. And then you’re. Asking closing questions at the end and you’re selling them.

If you can boost that conversion rate as well, the actual call to sales close conversion rate, then you’ll, also be an amazing spot, and i’ve been super impressed by how much can be added how much bottom line revenue can Directly be added by walking people through this discovery call process that we talk about, or even just saying to your sales guys hey, try to get their credit card info on this phone call, try to get them to close on this phone call right, just encouraging your Sales teams to actually get money has led to massive increases and it’s.

Weird because you think most people would be doing this, but a lot of sales people just get into this mode, where they don’t even really care if they’re selling. So that’s, something to watch out for and then it’s, also useful on that actual caller meeting to discuss either the risk that they’re gonna have by not signing with you like.

Oh, you can go with another agency, but i’ll talk with you in three months once they fail, you might as well just start with us or the reward they’re gonna get so something like you can give us 60k Right now, and in eight months, you’ll, be sitting on about two million dollars in new leads.

Does that seem worth it? So you can say stuff like that to get them going. You can also do things like discounts for early sign ups, which i usually, if i’m at a discount for an early signup. I’m going to discount for a same day sign up, but normally i don’t recommend doing any discounting at all.

You can also give them the ability to pay in installments, though again i recommend charging at least half up front. If not 70 up front or you can give them a refund option like we talked about with the no brainer offers, so something like if you’re, not satisfied in 30 days, we’ll refund the money.

Only do that one. If you’re very, very confident in your sales, because that also can shoot you in the foot and most of the time, a client. Even if you’ve worked together and you’ve failed. The client will be happy to pay you anyway.

Just for the experience so, for instance, let’s, say you designed the wireframes you don’t need to really offer a refund on that. What normally happens is if you fail badly on the wireframes, then they’re, just not going to work with you for the rest of the project.

You can still keep that money most of the time. So if you’re, offering refunds like that, a lot of the times you’re, shooting yourself in the foot and losing money that you otherwise would have been able to keep another thing you can do to boost your conversions is simplify.

Make the sign up process as easy as possible, so, for instance, on our site x27, you go in, you fill out the contact form and you can book a call. You can pay to book a call with robert immediately my co-founder robert indra, who’s, the ceo of x27.

You can go and book that call immediately put in your credit card info and then you’re good to go, or you can do the more long sales process where you put in your budget and all that stuff. So there’s.

Two different tracks: if you want to convert right now, we let you and pay us if you want to pass right now, we let you. If you want to talk to a sales guy, then we let you do that as well. For email 10k, it’s, all productized you can’t even talk to anybody.

You just go through and then you watch the video, if you want add to cart and pay. So it’s. All super productized, because what i found is people on the internet. If they’re going through like let’s, say they want to buy a website.

They’re, going to search best website development companies or they’ll, go to clutch or one of the other directories and try to find a list. They’ll reach out to all of those guys and if it’s, something simple like you just want a home page for your site and you go to a site and one says: contact us for pricing and the other one says Home page for a site and list some of the enterprise companies i’ve, worked with and says it’s.

8 500. A lot of times you might just go through and pay 8 500. Like that no problem, i’ve, seen it with our agency, and i’ve, seen it with our course. Somebody just signed up for 24 000 a year just via automated emails, and they just went through and clicked with.

Our 220 coaching offer. So if you have the brand – and you know exactly what you’re selling, because it’s productized, then you don’t even really need the sales team. You can be chilling on the beach and sales will be coming in and that’s.

Advice for you right still on the beach, because i don’t want to chill on the beach. I’m out here in the las vegas desert, which i like a little better than the beach. This video is brought to you by email 10k.

So you don’t have a business idea. Huh. Do you want to know what the best business to start is, regardless of market conditions check out the free presentation at email 10k.com? We have over 200 students that are crushing it using this business strategy, even during this time, so check that out, email, 10k.

com and that’s, how to increase sales and conversions for your business. Let me know if you found value in this leave a comment down below. If you want what we talked about as a free checklist, you can also grab that down below smash that, like button liking, the videos really encourages the youtube algorithm.

If you want this community to grow, you want more people in here talking that’s. The best way to do it and subscribe for more content like this. We do videos on sales three times a week, thanks for watching.

I’m, alex berman

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